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Custom seal manufacturing

Over a hundred unique personal solutions tailor-made based on request and according to specifications provided by our customers

Ordering procedure
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Standard sealing profiles, a great variety of fittings and equipment for sealing and lining

For professionals, citizens, shipbuilding, civil construction, households and particular purposes

Catalogue of products in PDF formatCatalogue of products in JPG format
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Universal seals for various purposes, own original solutions

Prefabricated systems for private installations

Universal solutions for citizens


Seals and sealing systems, manufacturing tools for soft PVC, thermoplastic elastomers and thermoplastic vulcanizates profiles extrusion and related accessories are our company's basic product range. Our extensive experience, innovation and own products development have enabled us to win the leading market position in extruded seal profiles production in the territory of the Middle Europe. Over a hundred unique personal solutions tailor-made based on request and according to specifications provided by our customers, highly flexible production capacity and proper delivery straight to your address guarantee a rapid response to customer requirements, and timely deliveries required goods.


We offer our customers industrial seal profiles design, produced according to the drawings, sample or case of the requested profile.

Catalogue – Professional Users


We provide you with the solution to your problem using the sketch and description of the seal profile you need.

Seals Catalogue - Citizens (PDF)


Depending on the complexity of the cross-section sealing as well as technical requirements and characteristics of the material, we guarantee to develop the prototype within 2-7 days.

Manufacturing procedure


From sketch on“technology, high productivity and flexibility manufacturing capacities enable us to offer a wide range of products both standardized and special-purpose products. 
The product range is categorized according to the following groups: 
(Download our catalogue in PDF or JPG format and take a look at our complete production range) 


A) Joinery manufacturers 
B) Aluminium joinery manufacturers 
C) PVC joinery manufacturers 
D) Awning manufacturers 
E) Drainage system manufacturers 


A) Refrigerator manufacturers 
B) Furniture manufacturers

for shipbuilding

A) Fenders
B) Boats, ships and marine system producers


A) Luminaire manufacturers 
B) Electrical installations manufacturers

SEAL MANUFACturing process

1. The manufacturing process starts after we prepare tools and calibration instruments.
2. After the raw material is determined, the mixture is prepared, tools are put into the position, temperatures are determined and extrusion starts.
3. The molten mixture in cylinder is pushed using the snail through the tool after which the machine produces the required profile.Dimensions and physical shape are maintained in the calibrator whilst the temperature of the mixture is gradually reducing.Water is used as a cooling medium.
4. The final product is loaded onto a reel and packed for delivery.

ekstruder za izradu brtvi
izrada brtvenih profila
namatanje brtvi na kolute
koluti za namatanje brtve

tool room

Over a hundred unique tailor-made personal solutions based on request and according to specifications provided by our customers

To produce rubber bands, PVC bands, keders, pipes, tubes, gaskets ... more than 200 different profiles in the standard offer as well as about ten new profiles each month wouldn’t be possible without our own tool room.How to design tools for processing polymers is a skill that is not taught on faculties but gained by many years of practice and empirically.New products adoption, from the design stage to the final solution is expensive and demanding process that requires technology and expertise.Precisely these two key features make a distinction between us and the other competitors in the market.Software solutions, metal processing technology, subcontractors and partners and knowledge accumulated in many years guarantee fast and quality solutions even for the most demanding customers.



Everything starts with an idea, sketch or technical drawing.Material is chosen based on the intended use of the seal after which the tool layout is defined.


Then a workshop draft of tools and calibrating instruments is performed as well as the simulation of material flow.


Once the workshop drafts are prepared, in the tool room the prepared matrices first erodes and later, if needed, lathes, drills or finishes fine in some other way.


Everything starts with an idea, sketch or technical drawing.

skica izgleda brtve

Detailed workshop drafts of tools and calibrating instruments are performed.

izrada alata za izradu brtve

Based on the technical drawing, profile layouts are eroded on previously prepared matrices.

izrada alata za izradu brtve - erodiranje

Manufactured tool is additionally machine processed after which the first quantities of the final product are manufactured.

gotovi alati za izradu brtvi


All products are delivered from the warehouse within 24 hours
by our business partners Intereuropa GLS, and similar.


Besides standard profiles, our business partners also ask us to produce new families of profiles but also various sealing for special purposes. Here we will publish profiles produced in the last few months.

Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik

Fences of the hotel Kompas in Dubrovnik were replaced by glass one on aluminium fencing brackets. Glass, brackets and seals were made according to the architect design and represent an unique solution. A period neede that the conceptual draft becomes a mounted product is 30 days.

Glass fencing seal